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How to Stick to Better Habits

How to Stick to Better Habits

We usually know the things we need to do consistently to be the better, fitter, happier version of ourselves. We also know it can be hard to stick with those habits.

Studies show that the most effective way to make positive change in our lives is to make it easier. It’s really that simple. Putting your workout clothes in a pile on your bed, so they’re right there when you wake up, is way more effective than if you have to go to all the way to your closet to get them out.

It is because we’re secretly lazy? Who cares? It works and that’s all that matters.

The same approach goes for a practice like meditation. You might be one of the millions of people who downloaded a meditation app to make it easier. And you also might be one of the millions who struggle to make it a habit. Because, while it’s easy to have the app on your phone, the practice is still hard. Hard to sit still in an uncomfortable position, hard to focus, hard to clear your mind, hard to feel like you’re doing it right. That’s why if you ask most people they’ll agree: Meditation = Hard.

So, what if there was an easier way to meditate? A way in which you didn’t need an app, didn’t need headphones, didn’t need to have someone else’s voice guide you? What if you could sit comfortably, like when you binge watch your favorite show, instead of sitting rigidly like a monk? What if you could have a deep, grounding experience in meditation without trying to focus and concentrate and control your mind? What if you could meditate, effectively and enjoyably, all by yourself wherever you could sit comfortably and close your eyes?

You can. It’s called FLOW Meditation, and it’s a practice that over 100 CORE40 instructors have learned. In FLOW Meditation you sit comfortably, and if you’re uncomfortable you can move. You begin to think a simple, short mantra silently in the mind as gently as possible, and you allow the mind to flow without trying to focus, without trying to have fewer thoughts or nicer thoughts or to acknowledge thoughts and let them go. In FLOW Meditation you learn to get out of your own way and stop trying so hard.

If that sounds easy it’s because it is easy…which is the whole point. Because if it’s easy you’re more likely to do it. And if you do it you’re more likely to experience the many, many benefits of becoming a daily meditator.

Isn’t that why you downloaded that app in the first place?

PS: this principle also works in reverse if you want to break bad habits. Spending too much time on social media? Move the apps to the last screen on your phone, and log out of your accounts, so that you have to swipe all the way to the back and log-in. And you can spend the time you save on developing your new meditation habit.

Interested in seeing what FLOW meditation is all about? CORE40 is hosting a FREE Intro to FLOW Meditation class with me on Wednesday, May 22 from 6:30pm-7:15pm at CORE40 Marina, register here!

Written by,

James Brown

CORE40 Client & Meditation Expert

James Brown is the founder of Flow Meditation and one of the world’s leading experts in the ancient practice of Vedic Meditation, from which the Flow program was developed. Over the last decade James has taught thousands of busy people from all walks of life to meditate, including about 100 CORE40 instructors, and has led courses and workshops at some of the world coolest conferences and at companies across the country, including some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative firms. He lives in The Presidio with his wife, two rambunctious boys, crazy dog (cattle dog/coonhound mix!) and, according to his wife, WAY too many bicycles.

You can learn Flow Meditation online with James at
If you want to learn live and in person please visit