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Benefits of Fitness in Everyday Life

Benefits of Fitness in Everyday Life

From powering through a work assignment, playing with the kids, or taking your significant other out on a date, life’s currency is energy, and the more we have, the better we’ll live. Having more vitality in life benefits us today – not in some distant future. Every time we work out, we’re building up a storage of energy and intrinsic drive which doesn’t expire. Sometimes it’s as simple as carrying groceries or lifting a carry-on into the overhead bin on an airplane; Fitness has benefits we can appreciate today, not just when we’ve run a full marathon or climbed an enormous mountain.  So, let’s take a moment and explore the digestible benefits of fitness, to remind us of the importance in the process not just the end result.

Working out helps build stamina in many areas of life, because it’s supposed to be challenging, and the goal is to overcome the difficulty. Fitness can be similar to social media, where people only tell you about the highlights. In reality, the majority of people don’t actually want to work out (just like they aren’t always sipping champagne on rooftops in Thailand), though they never regret it once they do. So, getting over our human tendencies for inertia can be very powerful in not only building  physical stamina but in building mental strength too. We won’t want to work out everyday, but making a commitment to maintaining a positive relationship to health and wellness is non-negotiable; Without our health, it’s hard to accomplish much of anything.

An overlooked benefit of working out is gaining an awareness of the body. You know those moments at work when you autocorrect your slouching posture? That’s a benefit of practicing good alignment in class. Not only does good posture keep the back and spine in better shape as we age, a tall stance also eludes confidence and power. When we understand the more primitive mechanics of the body, body awareness also has benefits romantically. Knowledge is definitely power.

Along with body awareness, fitness releases endorphins in the brain, which are the “happy” chemicals in our bodies. So, how does being happier impact us in the present? Well, we become joyful at work, home, and social settings, which means people want to be around us more. Since connection is such a huge part of human happiness, it pays off quickly to start working out.

As humans, we are constantly evolving in fitness, culture, business, morality, and in society. One of the many benefits of using fitness as a tool for individual evolution is the change we can see in our physical identities. When we see a tangible change in the stomach, back, abs or arms, it starts to reshape the way we think about our history and future. We start to wonder, “If I can change my body, what else can I create?” And it’s a beautiful question to ask. There’s currently a disconnect between these tangible benefits and the way society thinks about “absolute fitness” as an abstract goal or enormous thing to be achieved at some distant future. As clients, we can lose touch with the very simple reasons we began working out in the first place. The next time you are carrying a baby or laughing hysterically with a friend, discover a bit of gratitude for the body you’ve evolved.

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Written by,

Madison Ford

CORE40 SuperTrainer