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10 Reasons Boutique Fitness > The Gym

10 Reasons Boutique Fitness > The Gym

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From cleanliness to progress, the benefits of boutique fitness studios are worth sharing!

Motivation >> Boutique studios take pride in training and hiring top-notch fitness instructors who know how to inspire. Plus with more specialization (i.e. only 1-2 product offerings) at a boutique studio, it allows for more investment in hiring and training instructors to pull out your best performance.

Personalization >> Smaller group classes give instructors the space to give hands-on adjustments and pay closer attention to form and offer modifications to a multi-level class.

Effectiveness >> Because smaller studios specialize in only 1-2 methods, the most effective workout methods thrive at boutique-style studios.

Progress >> Unless you are incredibly meticulous with pen and paper at the gym and mark your number of squats and timed sprints, it’s hard to measure your progress. At boutique studios, you notice progress much faster with regular challenges and consistency. Instructors keep the time, you just focus on the physical.

Cleanliness >> Let’s face it, smaller studios have less daily foot traffic, modern aesthetics, and a stronger attention to cleanliness than your average neighborhood gym!

Experience >> Studio managers and owners focus on improving studio design, class offerings, and their hiring processes. Every day is focused on improving the client experience.

Music >> You can discover fresh new tunes daily, because each instructor has his or her own style and takes pride in the music they play.

Efficiency >> You don’t have to wait around to use any equipment, because you sign up ahead of time and you know exactly how long it will take.

Social >> Which sounds more appealing: going to the gym with a friend and running on the treadmill next to them with headphones in? Or, signing up for a class with a friend, enduring the same experience together, then getting lunch after? We agree on lunch.

Accountability >> Bottom line, boutique studios hold you accountable in many ways – from cancellation windows to social proof. Your instructors do know how to find you on social media.

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