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Chelsea moved to Las Vegas after finishing college as a competitive gymnast at UW in Seattle, where she lived for 8 years.  While she was in Las Vegas, she performed acrobatics in a Cirque style show called “Le Reve – The Dream” at the Wynn hotel and Casino. The show was performed over 1.1 million gallon water pool so she was hired to fly, dive, and swim around for a living. Since she has been a competitive gymnast since the age of five, she had the spacial awareness required to perform complex acrobatic moves.

Lucky for CORE40, Chelsea ended up meeting a special someone who convinced her to move to San Francisco. After a year of being in a long distance relationship, she was ready for a new career in fitness and to move to San Francisco.

We asked about a few of her favorite things…

What’s your favorite song to work out to?“I’m a huge fan of techno when I work out and I really enjoy anything from Above and Beyond! I love how all their songs are upbeat and have some sort of vocal so that I can sing to them.”

What are your favorite foods?“As much as I love being healthy, I would definitely have to say Pizza and French Fries all dipped in Ranch!”

What do you love about SF?“I love going to Napa/Sonoma wine tasting and having brunch in Sausalito! I love to eat so I really enjoy trying out all the great restaurants this city has to offer!”

What is your favorite Lagree Fitness exercise? “French Twist! I love how I can feel all the little intricate muscles in my obliques when I do that exercise. One of my favorite Lagree moves to teach is the Plank to Pike on any part of the machine – since I am a gymnast, I really relate to teaching this move, because it reminds me of being in a handstand with most of the weight in my shoulders.”

Here is a picture of Chelsea playing a character called the “Amazon Gris” in Le Reve at the Wynn Hotel!


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    Barb Daher
    June 8, 2016

    So glad you have found your place and at your time! I lived in Marin County and worked in The City and loved every minute….great people, great food! I watched you perform Le Reve twice in Vegas and now I am excited to visit you in SFO when I am there! Best wishes to you and yours…..please keep in touch!


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