At CORE40, fitness is our vehicle for personal transformation. We aspire to help you live an elevated life experience that is genuine, supportive, and heart-centered. We are committed to seeing you through your fitness journey, and celebrating you as you achieve improvement in every aspect of your life.

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“Sacrifice pays off!” – Arturo, 1331 + visits at CORE40

“Sacrifice pays off!” – Arturo, 1331 + visits at CORE40

CORE40 super client Arturo Levin

After 6 years of regular attendance at CORE40, Arturo has more energy, less stress, and has seen big improvements in his overall physical performance.

When did you first discover CORE40 and decide to give the Lagree Fitness® method workout a try?

“I started in February 2010.

How did you feel after your first CORE40 class? 

“Awful! I thought I was in decent shape and that 40 minutes was not going to be enough. My first class was with Kim, who was a very toughdemanding instructor. After 10 minutes, I sat at the end of the “bed” thinking “What is this??What am I doing here?”‘

How often do you workout at CORE40? 

“5 times a week.

What are the health benefits you feel from doing the Lagree Fitness® workout consistently over the years? 

“I find several, not necessarily in this order:

It keeps me in shape.

It helps me to control my weight.

It boosts my energy.

It keeps me healthy and helps me combat diseases.

It relieves stress.

It improves my mood (goes together with item 5).

It improves my brain power.

And the #1 reason I do it…

It helps improve my sexual performance (at 60 years old, I need this one)

And related to all of the above, it makes me feel better about myself, because it increases my self esteem!”

Here’s to a thousand more visits, Arturo!