The Team


Dean is a Southern California boy, born and raised in North Hollywood, CA. Dean has always been a fitness enthusiast, from weight training and boxing to yoga and cycling – he has pretty much tried it all. At the University of California, Santa Barbara, he was on the rowing team, and often rode informally with the Cycling team on their 50-mile plus training sessions. Dean discovered the Lagree Method in 2008, and became instantly addicted. In 2009, Dean began opening studios with his wife, Lisa. Bringing the gift of health to so many people is incredibly satisfying. When he is not teaching classes between San Diego and San Francisco, Dean loves travel adventures and spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Reverse Giant Wheelbarrow (core-crusher…)

Co-Founder & CEO

Lisa was born and raised in Northern Canada, moved to California as a teenager, and has never looked back. In 2008, after suffering with severe back issues for many years that included disk surgery, Lisa and her husband Dean discovered a revolutionary new exercise method called Lagree Fitness. After 6 weeks of regular attendance as clients, Lisa’s decade-long struggle with back problems disappeared! She was an immediate convert. She and her husband Dean decided to bring the incredible health benefits of Lagree Fitness first to San Diego, and then to San Francisco, and thus CORE40 was born. In Lisa’s view, nothing is more true than the company’s slogan — Health is wealth.®  When she is not working, Lisa enjoys traveling, nature, writing, and precious family time with her husband and young daughter, Viviana.

Favorite CORE40 Exercises: French Twist (for the challenge) and Escalator Lunge (for balance and the glutes)


Madison was raised in Southern California, and loves to stay active in unique ways. She lived in Ghana for a year during college, and joined their university Cross Country team, where she loved every minute of the humid heat– well, maybe not every minute… She graduated from San Francisco State University where she studied Marketing and English. Madison stays motivated through a balance of creativity, fitness, learning and teaching.

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Super Lunge (because it targets so many muscles at once)

Core40 Instructor
Operations Director & Instructor

Mabel grew up in Malaysia. She moved to San Diego in her early twenties for college, graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Public Relations, and worked in the advertising / media industry for 5 years before following her passion to be a fitness coach.  In 2013, Mabel joined the CORE40 team as an instructor. A year later, wanting to do more, she joined the CORE40 management team as the Studio Director for the San Diego region. Mabel and her family are now based in San Francisco and she’s leading the operations at CORE40. Mabel loves spending time with her husband and toddler son, Miles, and traveling to see the world.

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Giant Wheelbarrow (shreds my abs!!)

Celeste Chiaro CORE40 Supertrainer
Team Support Manager and Supertrainer
Core40 Instructor

Melody has worked in the medical field for the past ten years. A true believer that health is your wealth, she made it a priority to exercise regularly. Melody fell in love with Lagree Fitness the day she experienced her first class. Instantly addicted, she knew she wanted more. She drove an hour away weekly to a studio that taught the method. After two years of practicing, she not only watch her body change, but Lagree Fitness also strengthened her neck and back. No longer needing weekly chiropractic treatments for her lower backaches, she became a true believer of the method. Melody was overly elated when she discovered that CORE40 had arrived in San Francisco. She really enjoys spending her free time teaching the method she loves best! She is also an avid lover of hiking, snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, group fitness classes, and roller blading. Yes, she still roller blades!

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Mega Plank-to-Pike (so intense!)


Caitlin is originally from Los Angeles and has lived in San Francisco for nearly two years. She loves walking adventures, hanging out with her family and traveling. Caitlin fell in love with Lagree fitness after the birth of her first son. It is the best workout she’s ever tried since her days as a ballet dancer.

Her favorite things about teaching are seeing people get strong quickly, loud music, and correcting form!

Caitlin’s fave moves are bear and reverse catfish

Heather F CORE40 Supertrainer

Heather is a Bay Area native who has been living in San Francisco for the past five years. She enjoys everything about the area, whether she is hiking in Muir Woods, skiing in Tahoe or boating on the Delta. She graduated from USD with a Bachelors of Psychology and is currently getting her Masters of Nursing from USF. She loves to be active and always on the go. When first introduced to CORE40, she immediately fell in love with the challenging yet transformational workout of Lagree Fitness. Her love for this method and group fitness motivated her to become a Lagree Fitness instructor.

Heather’s Favorite CORE40 Move: The Super Lunge

Meet Natasha! When she isn’t kicking butt in the court room, she can be found pouring bubbly at her local wine bar in Potrero Hill or cycling to the best of today’s beats. This Bay Area native is excited to take you on an intense journey which emphasizes on strength, endurance, and of course a lot of Britney Spears.

CORE40 Supertrainer Leticia

Leticia is a San Francisco native with a background of ballet. She’s always had a passion for health and fitness and is currently studying nutrition. She fell in love with the Lagree method back in 2014 when she took her first full body class and never felt her muscles working so hard. The feeling of that instant effectiveness in her muscles followed by satisfying results got her hooked! With 2 years of commitment to Lagree, she’s never felt stronger, and she’s ready to give that experience to her clients.

Kimberlee is a lifetime martial artist, holding a first-degree black belt. During her college years she tried to enter the Hollywood stunt scene but unfortunately was held back when she tore her ACL and meniscus. After the surgery, her knee was never the same and she learned to live with the pain while remaining active.
When she discovered CORE40, she was blown away by the intensity of the workout while being left PAIN FREE in her knee (not to mention her abs reached a new level of definition). She truly believes it is a life changing workout and is eager to instruct CORE40 students and help them overcome injuries and reach their goals.
Outside of of the studio, Kimberlee and her (Italian) husband own an Italian handbag company, love traveling, scuba diving, cycling and cooking.

Jon discovered his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle with the arrival of his first child. That kick in the butt set him on a path that has lead him to complete a dozen marathons and three dozen half marathons. Jon got hooked on the Megaformer 3 years ago and it rapidly became the centerpiece of his training. Jon is a certified Lagree Fitness Instructor, and received his BA from Reed College in Psychology. Jon lives in San Francisco, and has a wife and two awesome kids!

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil and New York City, Ines fell in love with the Lagree method while she recovered from yet another running injury. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, she immediately noticed how the Lagree method complemented her yoga, running, and spinning.

A board certified Integrative Health and Nutrition coach/ consultant, Ines left her desk job of ten years in the diplomatic world in New York City to pursue her true passion — everything health! She firmly believes a little physical activity a day keeps the doctor away. A foodie of healthy food, she delights in traveling to gourmet destinations around the world.
She enjoys helping people achieve their best in a high energy class with focus on good form and a positive attitude.

Favorite Lagree moves: French Twist and Runners’ Lunge.

Dani was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to San Francisco two years ago. She discovered Lagree four years ago while attending college at Brandeis University in Boston and immediately fell in love with the workout.
As a soccer player and athlete her whole life, Dani saw Lagree as the perfect balance of a toning and strengthening workout she was always looking for. Every time she travels to a new city she takes classes at Lagree studios, so it was no surprise that as soon as she moved to SF she found her home at CORE40 and pursued her passion of becoming an instructor.
You might see her taking different fitness classes around the city and her regular workouts consist of spinning, Lagree, and running!
CORE40 Supertrainer Leigh
I hope to inspire people of all ages and shapes to reach and keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

Leigh is an New England native who has lived on the west coast for over 20 years and could not imagine living in a better city than San Francisco.  Her passions include making art, her family, and teaching at CORE40!  An injury after years of running left her searching for a intense, but low impact workout. After finding Lagree and CORE40, she was hooked!

Leigh has her BA from Reed College in Biology and pursued a career in biotech before becoming an instructor at CORE40. She lives in San Francisco with her husband of 15 years and two boys.



Favorite move- Mega chest press

Steve has been very active in sports all all his life. He went to college on a Diving scholarship to University of Maryland, and qualified for NCAA’s. When he finished his career as a diver, after graduating college, he needed something to help him stay in shape. He tried lifting, running, yoga, crossfit, etc. and either he didn’t like the workout, or he was not getting the results he wanted.
His partner, also a Lagree instructor, took him to his first class and he was hooked immediately! They even completed 100 classes in 100 days.
His favorite parts of teaching at CORE40 are the high intensity workouts, upbeat music, and creating big energy. He makes each class challenging, fun, and with a focus on form and pace. He loves watching people push themselves to the “shakey shakey.”
Some of his favorite moves are Plank to Pike, Spider Kick, French Twist, and Escalator Lunge.
When he’s not teaching, take a look around because he’s probably in class next to you!

Originally from Singapore, Pauline is a fitness enthusiast always looking out for any new opportunities to be active and/or outside. She was introduced to CORE40 after sustaining a lower back and knee injury whilst training for a triathlon, and was instantly hooked. She loves the Lagree method for its low impact yet challenging and high intensity workouts; perfect for the active/intense people in our lives who still work out while injured.

Besides teaching Lagree and working at her full-time tech job, she loves hiking and camping with her dog, traveling to all corners of the world in search of some adventure, eating and drinking to her heart’s content and trying to read 52 books a year.

Michelle was born and raised right here in San Francisco, AKA the greatest city on the face of the earth (she claims). She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Business Management Economics and a concentration in accounting. After working many 8-6 jobs, she decided to take a risk and make fitness her full-time career. Her passion is seeing people achieve their goals through hard work and dedication.
Michelle became Lagree certified in September and also holds a NASM certification for personal training.