The Team


Dean is a Southern California boy, born and raised in North Hollywood, CA. Dean has always been a fitness enthusiast, from weight training and boxing to yoga and cycling – he has pretty much tried it all. At the University of California, Santa Barbara, he was on the rowing team, and often rode informally with the Cycling team on their 50-mile plus training sessions. Dean discovered the Lagree Method in 2008, and became instantly addicted. In 2009, Dean began opening studios with his wife, Lisa. Bringing the gift of health to so many people is incredibly satisfying. When he is not teaching classes between San Diego and San Francisco, Dean loves travel adventures and spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Reverse Giant Wheelbarrow (core-crusher…)

Co-Founder & CEO

Lisa was born and raised in Northern Canada, moved to California as a teenager, and has never looked back. In 2008, after suffering with severe back issues for many years that included disk surgery, Lisa and her husband Dean discovered a revolutionary new exercise method called Lagree Fitness. After 6 weeks of regular attendance as clients, Lisa’s decade-long struggle with back problems disappeared! She was an immediate convert. She and her husband Dean decided to bring the incredible health benefits of Lagree Fitness first to San Diego, and then to San Francisco, and thus CORE40 was born. In Lisa’s view, nothing is more true than the company’s slogan — Health is wealth.®  When she is not working, Lisa enjoys traveling, nature, writing, and precious family time with her husband and young daughter, Viviana.

Favorite CORE40 Exercises: French Twist (for the challenge) and Escalator Lunge (for balance and the glutes)


Madison was raised in Southern California, and loves to stay active in unique ways. She lived in Ghana for a year during college, and joined their university Cross Country team, where she loved every minute of the humid heat– well, maybe not every minute… She graduated from San Francisco State University where she studied Marketing and English. Madison stays motivated through a balance of creativity, fitness, learning and teaching.

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Super Lunge (because it targets so many muscles at once)

Core40 Instructor
Operations Director & Instructor

Mabel grew up in Malaysia. She moved to San Diego in her early twenties for college, graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Public Relations, and worked in the advertising / media industry for 5 years before following her passion to be a fitness coach.  In 2013, Mabel joined the CORE40 team as an instructor. A year later, wanting to do more, she joined the CORE40 management team as the Studio Director for the San Diego region. Mabel and her family are now based in San Francisco and she’s leading the operations at CORE40. Mabel loves spending time with her husband and toddler son, Miles, and traveling to see the world.

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Giant Wheelbarrow (shreds my abs!!)

Celeste Chiaro CORE40 Supertrainer
Operations Catalyst and Supertrainer
CORE40 Supertrainer Jennie

Jennie is a Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas) native who loves to sweat any way, every day. She found her love for fitness through running and has run over fifty races including three marathons. After a decade long detour into corporate America, she made an about face to follow her passion and focus on work that helps others stay active and healthy. When not burning on a Megaformer at CORE40 or running the many hills of San Francisco, Jennie can be found spending time with her boyfriend and two fur-kids. She is also on a mission to eat all of the ice cream, acai bowls, and coffee in the city!

Core40 Instructor

Melody has worked in the medical field for the past ten years. A true believer that health is your wealth, she made it a priority to exercise regularly. Melody fell in love with Lagree Fitness the day she experienced her first class. Instantly addicted, she knew she wanted more. She drove an hour away weekly to a studio that taught the method. After two years of practicing, she not only watch her body change, but Lagree Fitness also strengthened her neck and back. No longer needing weekly chiropractic treatments for her lower backaches, she became a true believer of the method. Melody was overly elated when she discovered that CORE40 had arrived in San Francisco. She really enjoys spending her free time teaching the method she loves best! She is also an avid lover of hiking, snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, group fitness classes, and roller blading. Yes, she still roller blades!

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Mega Plank-to-Pike (so intense!)

Lisa fell in love with Lagree as a client of CORE40. A lifelong soccer player with Hypermobility Syndrome, she incurred many devastating injuries, including one that ended her Division 1 soccer and U.S. Army career at West Point. For years, Lisa sought a workout that would satisfy her hunger for an intense challenge, that at the same time, could help prevent and correct years of compound injuries. Her favorite part of Lagree is that it is high intensity, but still low impact – in fact, she has cured herself of chronic knee, ankle, and hip pain through her proper form as a client of CORE40’s. Her favorite part of being a CORE40 SuperTrainer is watching her clients achieve their personal fitness goals – adding in those extra saws and push-ups, baby! Lisa’s classes are focused on FORM FIRST, injury prevention, and a positive mental attitude in approaching fitness and our relationships to our bodies. Her favorite core moves are Giant Reverse Inch Worm, Super Crunch, and a good, old-fashioned BELLY LAUGH! Expect to be challenged and humored in her light-hearted but loving approach to the Lagree method.


Rose is originally from Nebraska (go, Huskers!), but has been an SF native for 8 years now and loves it. By day she is a tech nerd, and by night (and weekends) she loves to be active. She has tried almost every form of workout, from yoga, barre, swimming, running, etc. She discovered Lagree Fitness 4 years ago, and became addicted, as it helped tremendously with her core strength and running. She can’t wait to see you all in her class!

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Flying Spider Kicks (because you use your whole body, and when you do it right, it seems to defy gravity and shows off how strong CORE40 makes you)

Core40 Instructor

Tara is a bay area native but has roots all over the world (her parents live in Thailand!). She fell in love with Lagree fitness while she was living in Santa Barbara during college. When she discovered the Core40 studio in Soma, she was overjoyed to get back at it. Tara works in advertising, which brings crazy hours and stressful deadlines. She uses fitness as a stress release and it allows her to strengthen her body, since sitting at a desk for long hours leaves her body feeling drained. She is also a self-deemed health nut when it comes to nutrition. She felt a huge positive change when she switched to eating only whole/clean food and cutting out anything processed. Tara feels very lucky to be living in San Francisco, which gives her the opportunity to shop local and organic all year round. In her free time, Tara loves to run – she finished her first half marathon last year and has since been addicted! She also enjoys hiking, swimming, and traveling anywhere that involves scuba diving because she loves the ocean. She promises a challenging, upbeat, and diverse 40-minute class!

Core40 Instructor

Caitlin is originally from Los Angeles and has lived in San Francisco for nearly two years. She loves walking adventures, hanging out with her family and traveling. Caitlin fell in love with Lagree fitness after the birth of her first son. It is the best workout she’s ever tried since her days as a ballet dancer.

Her favorite things about teaching are seeing people get strong quickly, loud music, and correcting form!

Caitlin’s fave moves are bear and reverse catfish

Core40 Instructor

Catherine was born and raised on the island of Guam. She moved her island roots to California in 2007, and graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Communication. She was always a fit enthusiast, and fell in love with pushing the body’s limits when she discovered Lagree Fitness. On her spare time she loves to try different workouts, run outdoors, and tackle half marathons and obstacle races. She is a dog mom to a Labrador and a French bulldog, the loves of her life! By day she is a business owner, running an island style café in the heart of SF, and every spare hour she has is committed to health and fitness

CORE40 Supertrainer Bear

Born and raised in NYC, Bear has been a wellness and fitness enthusiast her whole life. Bear discovered Lagree fitness after a little too much enthusiasm left her injured and unable to do her usual high-impact workouts. She fell in love with CORE40 for how it’s tough on muscles and easy on joints… A workout you can do for a lifetime!

CORE40 Supertrainer Leticia

Leticia is a San Francisco native with a background of ballet. She’s always had a passion for health and fitness and is currently studying nutrition. She fell in love with the Lagree method back in 2014 when she took her first full body class and never felt her muscles working so hard. The feeling of that instant effectiveness in her muscles followed by satisfying results got her hooked! With 2 years of commitment to Lagree, she’s never felt stronger, and she’s ready to give that experience to her clients.

CORE40 Supertrainer Charlene

Charlene is a southern California native that moved to San Francisco a few years ago. As a child, Charlene was immersed in athletics so it was only natural that she gravitated towards fitness as an adult. As an avid runner, Charlene didn’t understand the impacts of group fitness until she discovered the Lagree method. The slow controlled movements and isometric holds targeted muscles in the body she didn’t even know existed and within minutes of her first class her muscles where shaking. She instantly became addicted and loves how the workout is continuously challenging. Her love for group fitness and Lagree motivated her to become a certified indoor cycling and Lagree fitness instructor. When Charlene is not teaching at CORE40, she is a full time nursing student and enjoys spending time outside with her husband and their amazing dog, Patton.

Favorite CORE40 Moves: Giant Reverse Pike to Plank & Giant Reverse Dancing Bear Cub!

After growing up all her life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June went out to the East coast for college (Go Penn!) but ultimately decided that California was the place to be. She moved to San Francisco in 2014 and has been loving it ever since. She’s really glad she chose Nob Hill as her home since that is what helped her discover Core40 from the very beginning as an avid lover of the Lagree method, intern, and now instructor! While not working in Inventory Planning at Gap during the day, June loves taking both the spin and reformer classes at Core40, runs through the city, wine tastings, hiking, and trying new brunch spots (but really basically anything to do with food)! She is super excited to start teaching classes at Core40 and help spread the burn!

Jessie grew up in the Bay Area, went to school in Chicago and worked in LA before returning back to SF. She was honestly never into health or fitness until ClassPass, where she discovered CORE40 and the Lagree method. She quickly became addicted to the workout after noticing how effective it was and how the workouts continued to be challenging many, many months later. Outside of teaching Lagree and her full-time job at the typical SF tech company, she also practices yoga and does aerial silks, and loves exploring new restaurants, traveling and outdoor adventures.


Tiffany found herself in the fitness industry after she failed to convince her anatomy teacher that medical school was her next step. Her professor made her take a career test where Tiffany came up with fitness instructing as one of the occupations, and the rest is history.

When the chance to teach at CORE40 came along, Tiffany quickly jumped onto the opportunity. “I knew I wanted to teach here after the first exercise, wheelbarrow. My muscles were shaking all over and I loved it!”

Tiffany loves combining her science education, dance/yoga background, and positive character to give her clients the best class possible. Her goal for all clients is to instill body awareness and a love/gratitude for one’s self. She constantly reminds clients that how you carry yourself on the machine, mentally/physically, is performed off of the machine, as well.

Feel free to join Tiffany in a dance, yoga, barre, bootcamp, or even CORE40 class. She loves taking class with clients. Exploring and eating all of the wonderful food that San Francisco has to offer, or listening to live music at a local venue are also valid options.

Core40 Instructor

Stephanie was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She moved to the Bay Area in 2009 where she received her Master’s in Counseling. Growing up, she was involved in all different types of sports including but not limited to Gymnastics, Soccer, Track, and Cross-Country. She found her true love of fitness when she took her first indoor cycling class in 2007.

Stephanie is so excited to be part of the CORE40 team. You can expect lots of sprints, sweating, and smiling when taking her cycling class. When she is not in the studio teaching, you can find her whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, doing anything outdoors, and watching good movies with her husband!

CORE40 Supertrainer Leigh
I hope to inspire people of all ages and shapes to reach and keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

Leigh is an New England native who has lived on the west coast for over 20 years and could not imagine living in a better city than San Francisco.  Her passions include making art, her family, and teaching at CORE40!  An injury after years of running left her searching for a intense, but low impact workout. After finding Lagree and CORE40, she was hooked!

Leigh has her BA from Reed College in Biology and pursued a career in biotech before becoming an instructor at CORE40. She lives in San Francisco with her husband of 15 years and two boys.



Favorite move- Mega chest press


Jon discovered his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle with the arrival of his first child. That kick in the butt set him on a path that has lead him to complete a dozen marathons and three dozen half marathons. Jon got hooked on the Megaformer 3 years ago and it rapidly became the centerpiece of his training. Jon is a certified Lagree Fitness Instructor, and received his BA from Reed College in Psychology. Jon lives in San Francisco, and has a wife and two awesome kids!