I’m sore in all the right places for days! 

It’s an amazing workout but as a beginner it took me about 6 classes to really feel confident with the machine.

I originally started because of back and shoulder injuries, I immediately felt a difference in my body and by the 3rd week
I was pain free.

I’m truly grateful to all the teachers that have helped me and made it a really fun experience!

Joshua M

Holy H-E-double hockey sticks.

Let me preface this by saying I work out about 5 days a week, two days are usually pilates reformer. So I am no stranger to reformers or being in shape. But I’ve never used a Megaformer before. Within ONE MINUTE of using this machine I was breathing heavily. Within FIVE MINUTES I was shaking. Within TEN MINUTES I wanted to quit (which I NEVER feel during a fitness class, no matter how hard it is).

The only thing that kept me going (and not crying) was the teacher Ashley who came around a bunch and adjusted the machine for me, helped me complete the moves, or just generally gave encouragement. Luckily, it was over in 40 minutes (the longest 40 minutes of my life, though I was still surprised when it was over). When I walked out and down the street my leg muscles were still quivering. Three days later I was wincing when I even LEANED against anything. So yea….you’ll get your money’s worth with a class from here. I just wish they had studios in DC; I would be the most sore but most toned person ever.

Emily V.

Amazing total body workout. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and caring. I’ve tried several types of boutique workouts/gyms and this one was the best. My body has changed so much with this workout, and my balance is even better. I have long lean muscles, and I feel so much stronger.

I am a competitive surfer, and this workout has taken me to the top of my game. My legs are much stronger and my improved balance continues to amaze me. I hardly get my hair wet when I surf now!

Hayley N

As a professional ballet dancer, I have found this to be the best workout out there. Forget all the “barre this” and “barre that” classes. If you want a hard (and I mean really hard 40 minute) work out this is the place to go. As a mom of 2 young boys, my time is precious and I love that I can really get a fantastic workout in 40 minutes. Alona is a sensational teacher. I’ve been coached in ballet by many great teachers and Alona lines up with the best of the best.

Kirsten A.

Core40 has inspired me to eat better: no more fried foods, alcohol, junk food like chips and French fries. Because, every time I’m on the Megaformer, I think, there’s absolutely NO WAY I’ll waste my work out and eat bad.

That’s a lie.

Let’s try again.

Core40 has inspired me workout more regularly. None of this, “oh, I’m tired, maybe I’ll skip the workout today and eat less carbs (another lie)” or “I’m too busy with work or going to happy hour, etc, etc”

Incorporating and establishing a routine for your workout maybe a challenge, but you just gotta do it.

Now that we got the hard part over with. What should you expect in a Core40 class?

Expect to sweat.

Expect to tire out your muscles in the most efficient way possible. 40 minutes of a total body workout: arms, legs, glutes, your entire core will be sore. Slow twitch muscles worked out to the MAX.

Expect to do slow, controlled movements which is not all about physical ability, but mental capability as well. You think holding a plank for a full minute is easy? think again. It’s the most basic move in this class but there’s nothing basic about squeezing your butt, keeping your back aligned with your hips, knees together, toes digging into the carriage that WANTS to move. Oh and don’t forget to breathe. And YES. That girl next to you? she can do another minute of this plank when you’re already thinking of doing a modification.

Expect to get addicted. Expect to feel more confident in your posture. Expect to fit better in your clothes. Expect to do a lot of selfies in tight spandex and send it to your boyfriend 😉

Expect to bring out the lean, mean, sexy workout machine that YOU are!

Janice C.