Tiffany found herself in the fitness industry after she failed to convince her anatomy teacher that medical school was her next step. Her professor made her take a career test where Tiffany came up with fitness instructing as one of the occupations, and the rest is history.

When the chance to teach at CORE40 came along, Tiffany quickly jumped onto the opportunity. “I knew I wanted to teach here after the first exercise, wheelbarrow. My muscles were shaking all over and I loved it!”

Tiffany loves combining her science education, dance/yoga background, and positive character to give her clients the best class possible. Her goal for all clients is to instill body awareness and a love/gratitude for one’s self. She constantly reminds clients that how you carry yourself on the machine, mentally/physically, is performed off of the machine, as well.

Feel free to join Tiffany in a dance, yoga, barre, bootcamp, or even CORE40 class. She loves taking class with clients. Exploring and eating all of the wonderful food that San Francisco has to offer, or listening to live music at a local venue are also valid options.