Madison Ford

Steve has been very active in sports all all his life. He went to college on a Diving scholarship to University of Maryland, and qualified for NCAA’s. When he finished his career as a diver, after graduating college, he needed something to help him stay in shape. He tried lifting, running, yoga, crossfit, etc. and either he didn’t like the workout, or he was not getting the results he wanted.
His partner, also a Lagree instructor, took him to his first class and he was hooked immediately! They even completed 100 classes in 100 days.
His favorite parts of teaching at CORE40 are the high intensity workouts, upbeat music, and creating big energy. He makes each class challenging, fun, and with a focus on form and pace. He loves watching people push themselves to the “shakey shakey.”
Some of his favorite moves are Plank to Pike, Spider Kick, French Twist, and Escalator Lunge.
When he’s not teaching, take a look around because he’s probably in class next to you!