Core40 Instructor



Melody has worked in the medical field for the past ten years. A true believer that health is your wealth, she made it a priority to exercise regularly. Melody fell in love with Lagree Fitness the day she experienced her first class. Instantly addicted, she knew she wanted more. She drove an hour away weekly to a studio that taught the method. After two years of practicing, she not only watch her body change, but Lagree Fitness also strengthened her neck and back. No longer needing weekly chiropractic treatments for her lower backaches, she became a true believer of the method. Melody was overly elated when she discovered that CORE40 had arrived in San Francisco. She really enjoys spending her free time teaching the method she loves best! She is also an avid lover of hiking, snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, group fitness classes, and roller blading. Yes, she still roller blades!

Favorite CORE40 exercise: Mega Plank-to-Pike (so intense!)