Lisa was born and raised in Northern Canada, moved to California as a teenager, and has never looked back. In 2008, after suffering with severe back issues for many years that included disk surgery, Lisa and her husband Dean discovered a revolutionary new exercise method called Lagree Fitness. After 6 weeks of regular attendance as clients, Lisa’s decade-long struggle with back problems disappeared! She was an immediate convert. She and her husband Dean decided to bring the incredible health benefits of Lagree Fitness first to San Diego, and then to San Francisco, and thus CORE40 was born. In Lisa’s view, nothing is more true than the company’s slogan — Health is wealth.®  When she is not working, Lisa enjoys traveling, nature, writing, and precious family time with her husband and young daughter, Viviana.

Favorite CORE40 Exercises: French Twist (for the challenge) and Escalator Lunge (for balance and the glutes)