CORE40 Supertrainer Charlene



Charlene is a southern California native that moved to San Francisco a few years ago. As a child, Charlene was immersed in athletics so it was only natural that she gravitated towards fitness as an adult. As an avid runner, Charlene didn’t understand the impacts of group fitness until she discovered the Lagree method. The slow controlled movements and isometric holds targeted muscles in the body she didn’t even know existed and within minutes of her first class her muscles where shaking. She instantly became addicted and loves how the workout is continuously challenging. Her love for group fitness and Lagree motivated her to become a certified indoor cycling and Lagree fitness instructor. When Charlene is not teaching at CORE40, she is a full time nursing student and enjoys spending time outside with her husband and their amazing dog, Patton.

Favorite CORE40 Moves: Giant Reverse Pike to Plank & Giant Reverse Dancing Bear Cub!