Meet Michelle, Transformed.

Michelle is a CORE40 SuperClient who lost 63 lbs in the last 2 years. We picked her brain to discover how she did it!

“I have become stronger and healthier.  I changed my diet to cut out all grains/gluten along with all forms of sugar and I attended CORE40 classes weekly, along with working out with my strength trainer, Aaron morales.”

What do you love about the CORE40 workout?

“I love that it’s 40 minutes, that it works your whole body, and you can modify moves or make it harder.”

How has CORE40 transformed your life?

“It has helped me strengthen my abs and I always look forward to the workout and having “me” time.”

What advice do you have for CORE40 newbies?

“Don’t be intimidated. I at first was embarrassed to do a group class. I was overweight and out of shape, and I took a few one-on-one classes to learn the machine. Its been two years and I attend 1-2 classes a week. Ask questions after class, watch others that know what they’re doing, show up and have fun!”

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