What is Global Smoothie Day?

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Global Smoothie Day, a healthy lifestyle initiative with some awesome perks (like free smoothie recipes)! Read below to discover why GSD was created and to snag the “Real Deal Smoothie” recipe!

“Last year I decided to create a day, Global Smoothie Day on October 3rd (the day of my father’s transition), as a playful expression of my sincere interest in helping the masses on-board health. How can we be conscious about our planet’s (global + national + local) critical health issues if we’ve not a clue how to take care of ourselves? That’s the question I asked myself before GSD popped into my head (heart).

I quickly put together a website and leaned on an incredible community of thought leaders to donate their best smoothie recipes. I took the recipes along with adding a bunch of digestible, accessible educational tools and tips and created an eBook that was/is available as a free download from the website.

This year I hope Global Smoothie Day will reach hundreds of thousands of people.”


– Dr. Rhea Mehta


Join the smoothie movement and download a FREE e-book of 50 recipes right here!