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At the end of this 2-day workshop you’ll leave with your ideas about meditation disrupted, with a new approach that will make it easier and more accessible, and with some practical tools you can use every day to feel more grounded, less stressed and happier.

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The course consists of three 120-minute sessions of personal instruction, taken once a day for three days. Upon completion of the course you will graduate as a self-sufficient meditator, with the tools and knowledge needed to make it a daily practice, and with a lifetime of free follow-up support. It’s awesome.

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May 18 @ your choice of 11am-1:00 pm or 7-9:00pm
May 19 @ 2-5:30pm
May 20 @ 2-3:30pm

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Saturday, June 30 & Sunday, July 1 from 3pm-6:30pm (both days)

In this 2-day workshop (3.5 hours a day), you’ll discover a radically different approach to meditation. One that’s easier, deeper and, dare we say, enjoyable. An approach to meditation that’s based on a 5000 year-old Vedic practice in which we allow the mind to settle and flow with the present, without concentrating or focusing, and without needing to sit still for long periods of time in uncomfortable positions.

Tickets: $139-$159

It’s a practice that was designed for people in the real world, with jobs, busy schedules, noise and stress, not for monks in monasteries.

“I shut my eyes in order to see.” – Paul Gauguin