Jessica has over 1170 + visits!

We would like to honor Jessica Elledge for her dedication in working out at CORE40! After 5 years of regular attendance, she has logged over 1170 visits!

Jessica Elledge

When did you take your first class?

Jessica: October 2011 at CORE40 Solana.

How did you feel after your first class back in 2011?

Jessica: I think I probably felt exhausted after my first class… but excited I found a workout that was so challenging and fun.

What motivates you to keep your Lagree workout regimen consistently all these years?

Jessica: I have stayed motivated to keep my Lagree workout going throughout the years because of the strength and energy I gain from each class. It’s by far the best workout I have ever had! It’s great starting my day with CORE40 every morning…thank you for such an amazing studio!!