CORE40 At Home Workout

We put together 10 killer CORE40 moves you can do at home, in a hotel, or on the go! All you need are a slide-ready surface, a towel, and hand weights (or something comparable).


Reach like a mermaid. Place one knee on the ground and grab a 3 pound weight (or a book, if you don’t have a weight). Put one arm behind your head and reach the weight up to the sky. Move slowly to a 4 count in both directions. (1 minute each side)



Hello super glutes. Starting down in a lunge position with your arms long in front of you and your front knee directly over your ankle. To a slow 4 counts, start to straighten both legs without locking the knees. With weights, pull your elbows back as your legs straighten. Bend your legs slowly back to the starting position and bring your weights out in front of you. Repeat for 2 minutes on each side. *up level with a few holds down at the bottom!


Abs-olutely effective. From a plank, start to pike your hips up slowly towards the ceiling, keeping your heels lifted and your shoulders over your elbows. If you have tighter hamstrings, try bringing your feet further apart. To modify further, you can do this one on your knees. Do this move for 1 minute.